Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Some Common Questions: Our Reasons Why

A lot of people have asked us some of the same questions as we've shared that we are adopting.  Here are some of the most common:

  • Can you not have children biologically? 
  • Is adoption just something that you've always wanted to do? 
  • You know, when people start the adoption process that's when they find out they're pregnant! What will you do then?  
  • Why did you choose domestic adoption through an agency? 
  • Are you going to know the birthmother?  
  • How long will this process take?  
  • How much does it cost? 
  • Is it a boy or a girl?  
  • Will you know the race?  
We had people warn us that we might be asked the same questions over and over.   I must admit, I've even asked others some of those same questions in the past.  Part of the fun of this blog is that we really want to use it to help others understand the ins and outs of adoption.  Please know that we are certainly not experts on this subject as we are just now beginning the process, but I would love to help people understand better how this all works.  

I'll answer these questions in the next few posts.  Again - if you ever have any questions or want to know more, please leave us a comment or shoot us an email.  

Can you not have children biologically?  
We have not ever been given that diagnosis formally by a doctor.  We have been trying to conceive naturally, and we are not giving up on that all together just because we are adopting.  I feel I must note that the LORD has extended His grace to us in this area.  We are truly trusting HIM with every part of our story, including how He grows our family. We clearly know that adoption is what He has for our family at this time.   

Is adoption just something that you've always wanted to do?  
One thing that we truly want people to understand is that our choice to adopt is not a "last resort" type of action.  This is not because we have tried to conceive and still haven't.  This is something that we truly feel God called us to even before we married.  We always knew that adoption would be a part of our story; we did not know the timeline of when it would happen.  I think we both thought it would come later in our story, but over the last few months it has become obvious that this is the time that the Lord has for us.  

You know, when people start the adoption process that's when they find out they're pregnant! What will you do then?
Our answer:  Bring it on!!  We might sound crazy, but that is truly how we feel.  We are not in control of how God expands our family and we trust that His timing is perfect in all things.  And -- it would be so fun (and crazy) to have a bunch of little ones running around at once!

Our Adoption Journey from REACH Media Studio on Vimeo.

This past Sunday, our pastor asked us to make a video about our adoption journey.  He has been preaching through a series about things God uses to increase and enlarge  your faith.  This sermon was about providential relationships and how God uses them to increase and strengthen your faith.  It was so neat to see how timely this sermon series has been in our lives, and how God is confirming each and every step we take.  We are learning every day to trust Him in all things.


  1. YAY!! found your blog thru SUYL I'll be praying for your adoption! we are in the process of adopting our 17 mo old foster daughter who we've had since she was 13 days old! It's a CRAZY journey!

    God Bless
    - Crystal

    1. Crystal i found yor blog just yesterday through kellys korner blog and i notice thst today you went private. Im from Argentina and im an ob/gyn and would love to continie follow your blog. Please my account is can you please invite me? I cant find your mail anywhere! Hope you receive this message