Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's Official!

Yesterday was a pretty big day for us!  We met with Kandi, the owner of our agency, and signed our official sign-up paperwork!  We had already turned in our application and had been approved by the agency, but this was the official signing of all the paperwork!

After we signed our life away, Kandi gave us the sweetest book for adoptive parents.  It has prayers and meditations for each step of the process.  It will be something that we will always cherish. :)

We also made our first payment to the agency -- which is a complete God thing!  I only write this to give all the glory to the LORD.  His provision has been so evident to us in the last month.  Twenty days ago when we submitted our application, we had no idea how we were going to make this payment or any of the rest of them for that matter.  However, Clay and I both clearly felt that this was God's will for us and we stepped out in blind faith.  Since then, the LORD has used the generous gifts of others and provided almost all of what we needed for this first payment!  We are simply in awe of His goodness and care for us and our sweet child!

This is Kandi, the owner of our agency.  She truly is a wonder-woman and has the BIGGEST heart for adoption.  She has already been a huge blessing in our lives!    

What's next?  It's time to prepare for our home study!  Kandi left us yesterday afternoon with a load of homework.  We each have to answer and prepare a very thorough self-study before our official in-home visit with our social worker.  

We are excited for what might seem like a small step -- it was one step closer to bringing home our sweet child one day!  (I'm giddy with excitement even as I type this!)  

Waiting Joyfully, 

Stacy and Clay 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Some Common Questions: Our Reasons Why

A lot of people have asked us some of the same questions as we've shared that we are adopting.  Here are some of the most common:

  • Can you not have children biologically? 
  • Is adoption just something that you've always wanted to do? 
  • You know, when people start the adoption process that's when they find out they're pregnant! What will you do then?  
  • Why did you choose domestic adoption through an agency? 
  • Are you going to know the birthmother?  
  • How long will this process take?  
  • How much does it cost? 
  • Is it a boy or a girl?  
  • Will you know the race?  
We had people warn us that we might be asked the same questions over and over.   I must admit, I've even asked others some of those same questions in the past.  Part of the fun of this blog is that we really want to use it to help others understand the ins and outs of adoption.  Please know that we are certainly not experts on this subject as we are just now beginning the process, but I would love to help people understand better how this all works.  

I'll answer these questions in the next few posts.  Again - if you ever have any questions or want to know more, please leave us a comment or shoot us an email.  

Can you not have children biologically?  
We have not ever been given that diagnosis formally by a doctor.  We have been trying to conceive naturally, and we are not giving up on that all together just because we are adopting.  I feel I must note that the LORD has extended His grace to us in this area.  We are truly trusting HIM with every part of our story, including how He grows our family. We clearly know that adoption is what He has for our family at this time.   

Is adoption just something that you've always wanted to do?  
One thing that we truly want people to understand is that our choice to adopt is not a "last resort" type of action.  This is not because we have tried to conceive and still haven't.  This is something that we truly feel God called us to even before we married.  We always knew that adoption would be a part of our story; we did not know the timeline of when it would happen.  I think we both thought it would come later in our story, but over the last few months it has become obvious that this is the time that the Lord has for us.  

You know, when people start the adoption process that's when they find out they're pregnant! What will you do then?
Our answer:  Bring it on!!  We might sound crazy, but that is truly how we feel.  We are not in control of how God expands our family and we trust that His timing is perfect in all things.  And -- it would be so fun (and crazy) to have a bunch of little ones running around at once!

Our Adoption Journey from REACH Media Studio on Vimeo.

This past Sunday, our pastor asked us to make a video about our adoption journey.  He has been preaching through a series about things God uses to increase and enlarge  your faith.  This sermon was about providential relationships and how God uses them to increase and strengthen your faith.  It was so neat to see how timely this sermon series has been in our lives, and how God is confirming each and every step we take.  We are learning every day to trust Him in all things.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Å Way to Help (and get some cute stuff, too!)

Sometimes God just does stuff that is completely overwhelming to you.  So far in our adoption journey (which has not been that long) we have experienced this time and time again.  I am almost nervous to see all that He will do in the story of bringing home our child.

I want to share with you a few stories of how God is working.

I sent an email to some friends and family simply telling them of our plans to adopt and about this here blog. Within 10 minutes of sending the email, my precious friend (and former roomie!) April had responded that she wanted to help with our adoption!  I am so completely tickled and overwhelmed that she would do this for us ... God is sloooooowly humbling me with each and every part of this process.

So - here are the details!  For anyone that purchases a scarf from her Etsy site and uses the coupon code "ADOPT", April will not only give you free shipping but will also donate 40% of that entire sale to go towards our adoption!  You can find her Etsy site here:  www.aprilwade.etsy.com

[you can also find her business on Facebook under her company name, "Created New"]

Just to show you what you'd be getting, here's some of her AMAZING designs that you can choose from:

[and there's sweet april herself, 2nd from the left! so thankful for this friend!]

I'm not only humbled and grateful that she is doing this for us, I am also glad to get to show off her cute scarves to the world!  Because they really are THAT cute.  :)  Thank you, April, for being such a wonderful part of our story!

As if that weren't enough, this morning one of my dearest friends, Kimmie, sent me a text that she was going to post about our adoption through her blog and offer some ways to help support us as well.  Kim and her husband, Grant, are some of Clay and I's closest friends.  They are in the process of adopting a precious little boy from South Korea.  They have been an encouragement and support to us in several ways so far, and now I am just humbled that they would offer to do this in support of our adoption.

Each year Kim creates and sells calendars through her Etsy shop.  I have had one for years, and I love looking at my calendar all throughout my day -- they are such an encouragement to so many!

This morning, Kim offered to support our adoption through the sales from her remaining calendars.  You can check out all the details here:  www.freshentity.com Thank you, Kim and Grant, for giving to us in this way!

Also, feel free to follow Kim's blog as she and Grant continue to wait for their precious Lyle to come home!  I promise you -- you will be challenged and encouraged in your faith through Kim's writing!

It is completely humbling to watch how God uses the body of Christ to teach you new things about trusting Him completely.  Clay and I are so very thankful for these friends who are giving of themselves and their resources!

Be on the watch because we have a few more fundraisers of our own in the works -- more details will be coming soon!  

Monday, January 14, 2013

We Have News!

We have news - BIG news for our little family:  WE ARE ADOPTING!

It probably didn't take much to realize that once you clicked on this page, but we are pretty excited about this new journey the Lord has us on!  This is something that we are following the Lord in and trusting Him to teach us many new things as we expand our family!

As of last week, we turned in all of our paperwork to begin the process of a domestic adoption of a newborn!  We are adopting through a local agency here in our town, and are now a "waiting family" looking forward to bringing home a precious newborn someday soon!

We decided that this blog would be a good way to keep our families and friends updated on our journey.  We have learned quite quickly that there was a lot for us to learn about the adoption process, and this is just another way that we can share with you the ins and outs of this whole thing.  If you are like us, there is a lot that is unknown when it comes to adoption.  We are praying that our story might be able to teach you new things about God's heart for adoption and this entire process.

Many of you might have questions for us, and we will gladly answer them in any way that we can!  I hope to get more of our story posted on here in the next few days, as well as the next big steps for us before we can bring our child home!

We would LOVE for you to partner with us in prayer as we begin this journey.  Please pray for us as we walk each step of this journey.  Here's a few ways to pray for us:

  • Our prayer has been that of Galatians 5:25, that we would "keep in step with the Spirit" as we make each decision and even as we wait.  Pray that this would continue to be our mindset.  
  • Adoption is costly, and we are trusting the Lord in a big way to provide.  Clay has said that he has preached for years to students about trusting the Lord in all things - and now we are getting to live this out!  Please pray for God's provision in this area, as our finite minds don't know how this will play out!  
  • Part of our choosing our agency is because of their ministry to the woman who will give birth to our child.  Please join us in praying for her even now.  We are asking that through this process God will reveal Himself to her in powerful ways, and that His glory would be seen throughout our entire story.  
We are excited to begin this journey, and cannot wait to meet this precious child that God has already chosen for us!