Thursday, January 17, 2013

Å Way to Help (and get some cute stuff, too!)

Sometimes God just does stuff that is completely overwhelming to you.  So far in our adoption journey (which has not been that long) we have experienced this time and time again.  I am almost nervous to see all that He will do in the story of bringing home our child.

I want to share with you a few stories of how God is working.

I sent an email to some friends and family simply telling them of our plans to adopt and about this here blog. Within 10 minutes of sending the email, my precious friend (and former roomie!) April had responded that she wanted to help with our adoption!  I am so completely tickled and overwhelmed that she would do this for us ... God is sloooooowly humbling me with each and every part of this process.

So - here are the details!  For anyone that purchases a scarf from her Etsy site and uses the coupon code "ADOPT", April will not only give you free shipping but will also donate 40% of that entire sale to go towards our adoption!  You can find her Etsy site here:

[you can also find her business on Facebook under her company name, "Created New"]

Just to show you what you'd be getting, here's some of her AMAZING designs that you can choose from:

[and there's sweet april herself, 2nd from the left! so thankful for this friend!]

I'm not only humbled and grateful that she is doing this for us, I am also glad to get to show off her cute scarves to the world!  Because they really are THAT cute.  :)  Thank you, April, for being such a wonderful part of our story!

As if that weren't enough, this morning one of my dearest friends, Kimmie, sent me a text that she was going to post about our adoption through her blog and offer some ways to help support us as well.  Kim and her husband, Grant, are some of Clay and I's closest friends.  They are in the process of adopting a precious little boy from South Korea.  They have been an encouragement and support to us in several ways so far, and now I am just humbled that they would offer to do this in support of our adoption.

Each year Kim creates and sells calendars through her Etsy shop.  I have had one for years, and I love looking at my calendar all throughout my day -- they are such an encouragement to so many!

This morning, Kim offered to support our adoption through the sales from her remaining calendars.  You can check out all the details here: Thank you, Kim and Grant, for giving to us in this way!

Also, feel free to follow Kim's blog as she and Grant continue to wait for their precious Lyle to come home!  I promise you -- you will be challenged and encouraged in your faith through Kim's writing!

It is completely humbling to watch how God uses the body of Christ to teach you new things about trusting Him completely.  Clay and I are so very thankful for these friends who are giving of themselves and their resources!

Be on the watch because we have a few more fundraisers of our own in the works -- more details will be coming soon!  

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