Saturday, February 8, 2014

We're Home!

We are home!  After 7 weeks in the NICU, we are finally at home as a family under one roof.  Kynley  finally figured out how to eat from a bottle, which is what was keeping us in the hospital.  I was beginning to think it would never happen!  We have spent 7 long weeks spending the night in the hospital, learning how to care for and feed our little girl, learning about preemie babies and trying to get a baby GIRL nursery together! :)

It feels SO good to be home all together!  It is crazy to think that Clay and I left the house one morning headed to a meeting, and the next time we would be home together as a family was 7 weeks later with a precious baby girl!  It has been the best few days spending time together, and even walking around with Kynley from room to room!  We don't know what to do without all the cords! :)  

As glad as we are to be outside of the walls of the hospital, we are still having to be very cautious in what Kynley is exposed to.  Because she is a preemie, she is at high risk of infection.  We could be back in the hospital from something as simple as a cough.  Not only that, but we are in the middle of flu and RSV/cold season so that gives us that much more reason to be cautious.  Our doctors have strongly recommended that we not go out to public places and strictly limit our visitors at least until these seasons are over.  While we cannot wait to show her off to the world, we are going to have to take the advice of our doctors.  We would appreciate your understanding as we wait it out over the coming weeks so Kynley can grow healthier and stronger!    

We are anxiously awaiting the day that we can introduce her to all the people who have so selflessly given so that she could be a part of family forever, but we know that we must keep her healthy first!  If we have to be restricted in our outings and visitors, we are still thankful that we are able to do that in the comfort of our own home!  

Thank you all for the constant texts, emails, phone calls, gifts and cards - your support and encouragement truly got us through the last 7 weeks!