Monday, July 8, 2013

6 Months

Today marks 6 months of being on this crazy adoption journey.  In some ways it feels like we just signed up yesterday, just told our families, and are still wide-eyed and confused with the entire process.  And there there are ways in which it feels like we have been on this journey for way more than 6 months.  The many decisions and endless paperwork seem to have been made forever ago -- and I feel like I've been a waiting parent for years.  ;)

Although we do not have a child in our arms yet, I already know I would do it all over again.  Adoption teaches you things you never knew you needed to learn.  I've learned lessons in every avenue of my life.  Here are a few of the things I've learned over the past 6 months:

  • God is sovereign.  This is something that I stated often before our journey to start a family and I knew it was true then.  This truth is no longer just a fact, but a comfort to walk in every single day.  God's plan for our family was set in place long ago - before Clay and I ever knew one another.  Nothing is surprising to Him and His plan is good. 
  • A huge element of faith is complete surrender.  No matter how hard I try, I am not in control.  I cannot hold tightly to anything, but must unclinch my fists and let God take it all.  
  • Adoption is not for the fainthearted.  Our dear friend Grant spoke these words to Clay and I very recently and we have spoken them over and over since then.  Endurance is taking on a whole new meaning to me these days.  
  • God is using adoption to strengthen my marriage.  Clay and I have had to be on the same page throughout this process, and by God's grace we have been with each step.  This has happened only because we are talking about, praying through, and seeking God together with each step.  
  • Stepping out in faith and being obedient to God is a wild ride.  He will take your expectations and completely blow you away.  I pray that I am always at a place where I hear His voice and walk in obedience to Him.  
  • God's provision is sure, and will always follow obedience.  We are humbled daily at God's provision for us during this time.  Not only financially, but also in His daily grace to us as we wait for our precious child.  
  • The adoption community is rich, and a true family.  Clay and I have been blown away by how many of you have reached out to us.  Whether you have adopted or not, you have been a huge encouragement to us by your hugs, emails, letters, donations, and your gifts.  This is something I did not expect when we entered this journey, but God has used adoption to teach me new things about the people of God.  
  • Adoption reinforces the message of the gospel.  I am understanding new aspects of the gospel because of this journey.  Adoption is a clear picture of what God has done for us in calling us His sons and daughters and loving us the same.  No questions asked, no hints of regret ... we are His.  Unconditional love and acceptance into a family are given -- this gospel love is the motivation behind why we are doing this.  I'm so ready to hold my son or  daughter in my arms and to get to teach him or her this lesson daily.  
  • Adoption is a blessing and joy, even in the waiting.  We have been so encouraged by God's daily grace to us as we wait.  There are moments that are hard and moments that are wonderful.  But God's grace is evident and His nearness is good!  

To our precious "Baby C", 

It may only have been 6 months that your daddy and I have been officially waiting for you, but we have been loving you and praying for you for much longer than that.   These months have taught me many things, but most of all they have taught me that I am so ready to love you and to be your mommy.  We are praying even now that you will grow up to love and know God, and to honor Him with your life.  We have been asking for God's protection over you as you grow and develop, and that His hand will be on you until you are in our arms.  We are so ready to meet you, and are ready for you to be a part of our family.  

We love you, 
Mommy and Daddy 

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